Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for QUERY

Ask a writer what word comes to mind when you say the letter Q and I'll bet the word is QUERY.

It's something you've never even heard of when you first set out on that path of ridiculous dreams otherwise known as WRITING A NOVEL. When you are finally let in on the scary little secret, it's a word that strikes fear in the writer's heart. Fear that though you think by some crazy stretch of insane imagination you can write a full-length novel, how will you ever write a simple, one-page letter convincing someone of that novel's merits?

It's a letter that must contain personality and your novel's voice. It must be engaging, but not too wordy or plot-revealing. It must be confident, but never gushy or include over the top assertions. Above all, it must hook the agent/reader and literally compel them to ask for more.

Can it be done?

I'm out to prove that. I have two (measly) queries out right now. More will follow. I wonder what will become of them, even knowing that some writers submit hundreds of queries before finally being published.

Deirdra blogged about queries, too, over at A Storybook World, and with actual helpful information and everything! Go HERE to find it. Shallee blogged about it, too, HERE. So nice of them to share their knowledge about queries. All I did was ramble.


Shallee said...

How funny, I actually posted on queries today too, and I'm not part of the A-Z blogfest!

Good luck with your queries. I hope you get the best possible result! :)

Valerie Ipson said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I read your post about queries and now I'm going to go back and add a link to yours in my post.

Connie Hall said...

This was a great blog. Thanks for sharing.


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