Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for NEVER... in never miss out on a great opportunity.

YAtopia has a pitch contest going on right now where you can win the chance to have your pitch read by agent Natalie Fischer of Bradford Literary Agency!

I entered last time and while I didn't win top two for my pitch, the agent (a different one) did email me and say she was "intrigued" by my "outstanding" entry. Yes, those two words are exact quotes!! And she asked me to send her a query letter and my first five pages!!!

Now here's another chance at the YAtopia blog for an agent to get a look at your very own pitch.

GO HERE. (BTW, it must be YA.)

I tweaked mine a little and now it looks like this...
Ideal High is anything but. After the tragic deaths of the student body president and most of the A-listers, Taryn, the one left behind, sets aside her own pain to lift an entire school out of theirs.

Try to condense a 75,000 word novel down to 2 sentences and see what you come up with. 'Taint easy.


Karen Walker said...

You are so right, it ain't easy. Good for you that you got asked to submit pages. That's wonderful. Found you thru the a-z challenge. Hi.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oooh, good luck!

NiaRaie said...

Good luck with that. :) I have enough trouble distilling my novel into a query letter. Awesome news on the agent asking you to send first pages too!


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