Thursday, February 11, 2010

May I expound?

On my sidebar I have been advertising a writer's conference that will take place in Mesa, AZ at the end of February. I don't know if you realize the awesomeness of the authors who will be presenting at this conference, so let me tell you...

J. Scott Savage--author of the Farworld fantasy series and very funny, entertaining speaker. He's flying in from out of state to be the keynote.

Excuse me. Author of the bestseller Wings! Aprilynne Pike from right here in Phoenix. I can't wait to hear about her writing journey that took her all the way to the top.

These is My Words author Nancy E. Turner. Another Arizonan. She is an expert on historical writing.

Magazine writer, Sara Fujimura She really knows the biz.

Dr. Pamela Goodfellow--writing coach, editor, and publisher. Here to share all the ins and outs of the publishing market.

What's hot right now? Ebooks! Marsha Ward has bravely delved into this new world and will teach us how. She's the author of the Owen Family Series--there's a trailer on my sidebar featuring her newest release Trail of Storms. She's the founder of ANWA and mentor to many.

Counselor and author, Helen Bair will show us how to unlock the creative mind.

Doug Johnston, Publicist and Owner of Little Red Ride Promotions, will address all you want to know about publicity for you and your book

Click the link for more info: Awesome Writing Conference
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Where else can you get so many successful authors at such a bargain price! I've been attending ANWA's conferences for years and always loooooooove them, but this one just may prove to be the best. (And I'm not just saying that because I am the General VP of this fine writing establishment.)


Cranberryfries said...

I just heard about ANWA last week! Super cool you're a VP!
I got to meet Nancy Turner last year when she spoke at a Symposium. She is so cute and her book is fabulous. In fact my book group is meeting in 2 weeks to talk about her book. I need to reread. :) Hey thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Stacy said...

See you there!


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