Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Courting Miss Lancaster

Another great offering from the prolific and cute Sarah M. Eden, author of Regency romance.

Harry Windover adores blonde, green-eyed Athena Lancaster, but alas, a penniless man like himself has no hope of winning a young noblewoman's hand. To add insult to injury, Athena's brother-in-law and guardian, the Duke of Kielder, has asked Harry to assist Athena in finding the gentleman of her dreams. But the lovesick Harry is cunning as well: as the weeks pass, he introduces Athena to suitors who are horrifically boring, alarmingly attached to their mothers, downright rude, astoundingly self-absorbed, and utterly ridiculous.

Athena can't comprehend why she is having so little success meeting eligible and acceptable gentlemen. Indeed, her circle of admirers couldn't be less admirable--nothing like the loyal, gentle friend she's found in Harry.
But how long can Harry's scheme be hidden? And what will Athena do when she uncovers Harry's deception?

If I don't win the book here, then I will definitely be going here for purchasing information. Can't wait to have Sarah as a guest on my blog...once I read the book. Be watching for that.

And a note about blog contests and winning. I'm really on a streak here. I've won several books, I've lost count, but one more arrived today. I won a photo image on a cake that I need to find an occasion for, I've won a gym bag, and just yesterday was informed I won the Targus laptop backpack in Sue's contest I talked about in my last post. Could I have just won the Compag Mini Notebook?...well, that would have been nice.

But be afraid all you blog contest enterers, be very afraid!


Donna Hatch said...

I soooooo cannot wait to get my hands on this book! I have no doubt this one will be as fun and funny as her other books.

Tamara said...

Great post. I can't wait to read the book either!

Suzette Saxton said...

I love the cover! It looks so good. I'm glad to see the Blogger Buddie award from us. You are my buddie! ;)

Tina Scott, author, artist said...

Hey, I'm trying to win a copy of this book, and since I didn't win any of that other cool stuff you mentioned, I think I'm due.

Krista Darrach said...

I love Sarah! And she writes a pretty darn great book as well! I loved Seeking Persephone....and I can't wait to read this one!!!


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