Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trail of Storms by Marsha Ward

After her sister suffers a brutal attack, Jessie Bingham and her family flee post-Civil War Virginia and undertake a perilous trek to New Mexico Territory. When Jessie hears that her former sweetheart, James Owen, has taken a wife, she accepts Ned Heizer's marriage proposal on the condition they wait to wed until the end of the journey. But then Jessie encounters James again . . . and he isn't married now!

In her third novel about the Owen family, award-winning author Marsha Ward reunites Jessie Bingham and James Owen in a bewildering tangle of values, emotions and high adventure.

I did not write that. It's like the official blurb on the back of her book. That's why it sounds all official and intense, and, well, better than something I could've written. It makes you want to read the book doesn't it? My husband read the first two and really enjoyed them, and I have it on good authority that this third one is finding it's way under the Christmas tree (Shhh...).

I personally can't wait to read all three of them one after the other. And then I get to blog about them and interview Marsha and ask her all sorts of fun, authorly questions that might not be official at all.

But I will strive for intense.

Find Marsha Ward and her book in these places:

Also check out her book trailer on the side bar.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog about Marsha's book "Trail of Storms". I can't wait to read the series.
Barbara B

Krista Darrach said...

I LOVE the series!
Trail of storms was my fav!
I know you love them too.

Rachel Andersen said...

Marsha is an inspiration! Her books are wonderful.

Cathy said...

Thanks for the great review, Valerie. Makes me want to hunker down with Marsha's book.

Debra said...

You can also find Marsha's books through Amazon. I have the series on my wish list, but I think I may purchase them for myself! :P


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