Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is me in November...

Of course, I'll be using a keyboard instead of a pen, but it seems a bit dreamier and much more romantic to pretend to be Anne Hathaway pretending to be Jane Austen, doesn't it?


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

I love this picture and the movie, Becoming Jane. Anne Hathaway would look good in a gunny sack. And though I wish I looked half as good while writing, I wouldn't trade my keyboard for a pen.

Unknown said...

I love this movie too. It's great when she cuts out words for editing. I'm in editing mode and glad i have the delete button. Isn't technology the best? It makes me respect these authors like Jane Austen even more. Valerie i'm glad you are still in writing mode, I so look forward to reading your book.


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