Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fallow Times or Full Out Writer's Block?

Recently, fellow writer friend and author of actual published books, Liz Adair, posted a blog here where she talked about "fallow" times when it comes to her writing. She prefers that term to the feared and dreaded (my adjectives, not hers) "writer's block." I really related to what she said, plus I liked the sweet, restful image that "fallow" created. I told myself I'm just in a fallow time with my writing. I've written to chapter 20 of my novel and now I just need to rest and rejuvenate. ;)

Ha! I think that's manure (which Liz also mentions in her blog post). Liz was talking about when you've finished a work and ideas for the next are percolating. That's the fallow time, not when you are in the midst of a story that's itching to get out, but you won't spend the time necessary with your behind in front of the keyboard. I know I can't blame fallow times OR writer's block for my own rationalization and procrastination.

Liz mentions the law of the harvest and seeds planted (that's where the manure comes in) and I ackowledge that my own lack of seed-sowing at the computer will seriously delay the harvest.

Well, BIAM comes to the rescue. It stands for Book in a Month, and while I won't write an entire book in a month, I have set a daily word count goal that by July's end may bring me very close to the words I long for: THE END.


Anonymous said...

I go in phases so maybe I should do the word count goal. Sometimes I feel so inspired I can write chapters and then other times I can't write a sentence. However, I am not near the pro you are! :)

Chas Hathaway said...

I wish I could get enough writing time in to actually get writers block once in a while. I get so many ideas, plot structures, characters, and ironic situations bouncing around in my head that I feel like I'm going to pop unless I get a few minutes to start writing them.

Trouble is, the few minutes I occasionally get are very few.

But I'm sure once I get some time and start diving more fully into it, my writers block will come... though I hope not.

- Chas


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