Saturday, November 19, 2011


Confession #1. I got a little too emotionally-invested in my daughter's 5th grade report of Famous Person Beverly Cleary. I didn't realize how much she means to me. I didn't even have a dysfunctional childhood to retreat from, she just made life more enjoyable. Love love Henry, Ribsy, Beezus, Ramona...*BIG SIGH*

Confession #2. My senior-aged son was wearing his 6th grade T-shirt the other day. Is this a problem? I promise I'm feeding him. Maybe the shirt was just ginormous on him all those years ago and now he's growing into it?

Confession #3. To the guy in the white truck at the light on Ellsworth and Broadway: It was nothing personal when I yelled "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave." Just having a little Hotel California moment on the radio.

Confession #4. I thought writing the first line of a novel was hard, but try the last. I do not know how to make it NOT sound like the cheesiest of cheese. I want to evoke that "ahhh" factor, not make the reader gag like someone's sprayed a can of Cheez Whiz down their throat. Advice welcome.

Confession #5. After I finish editing that last line to death (see #4) then I'm going to send it off to a professional editor. I'm so close I can taste it (is it the cheese maybe?).


KJ's Perspective Take 2 said...

Twinkies will be well deserved. The shirt probably was way too big back in the 6th grade. We have tons of shirts like that around here. You are way to hard on yourself, the end will be as amazing as the beginning. Try something like and they lived happily every after. Ha! Ha! Totally kidding! Good luck finding your end. :)

Valerie Ipson said...

Now I know why they always used that phrase to end a story, Karla. It just made it all so simple and complete. Of course, now it would be "Happily ever after till the sequel comes out!" :D

Canda said...

I relate to #4. Endings are hard. "not make the reader gag like someone's sprayed a can of Cheez Whiz down their throat." Haahaa.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has those Hotel California moments, and if the due in the truck didn't see it for what it was, then he was probably too dim to be driving anyway.
As far as your ending goes,keep it spinning in the background of your brain over Thanksgiving. But don't really think about it too much. Let it simmer with the turkey and bake with the pumpkin pie. Chances are good sometime around 2am Saturday you will wake up with something brilliant.

Cathy Witbeck said...

I like cheese. But I don't think that cheese in a can is real. A girl once sprayed it on the sidewalk as a way to answer a date and it didn't decompose for weeks. Oi.
Make your ending like really good cheese, havarti or gouda.

Kari Pike said...

Valerie! I can relate to all of those too! I love your cheese whiz analogy! too funny. You rock! hugs~

Renae W. Mackley said...

Hotel California tickled my funny bone. At first I thought you were saying, "You can check me out any time you like . . ."
As far as your ending, try writing a few more paragraphs and then hack them to death except for the sentence that says gourmet cheese. Good luck.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Pass the cheese, please. Congrats on being so close.

I love these confessions. =D


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