Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy endings and happy beginnings...

Just going through the whole summer-mode-regroup-thing.

Now I'm back.


We'll see.

My week and a half of awesomeness laced with craziness is over, but really the events are like stories with happy endings that aren't really endings, but new, awesome beginnings. (I already used the word awesome in that sentence...sorry.)

First, a high-schooler's graduation.

She finished in the top 20, so mom and dad got to sit on the field in a chair with an actual back.

Love that.

Now on to college paid for by scholarship. Completely sweet.

Next in the line up...a temple wedding for daughter number one. All the planning resulted in a beautiful day and dream reception. It's all over, but of course life is just beginning for the happy couple.

Then Girls Camp...easily the best event of the year Young Women-wise, and I didn't have to cook a single meal for nearly 4 days straight. This is always the beginning of strengthened testimonies and greater unity among the girls. The excitement of a shared experience was evident on Sunday morning as we giggled and shared testimonies again.

[No camp photos yet]

So now an entire summer ahead and a return to my almost finished manuscript. :D

[Check back next week for a fun contest with a great prize!!!]


Stacy said...

Welcome Back! Glad to see pics of the happy events. What about Awakening Avery? Did nobody answer correctly?

Valerie Ipson said...

Oh, good question. I can announce the winner but it wasn't someone who commented on my blog, so I'll have to go look it up. :/ The contest was running on several blogs. Fun contest coming next week, though, with a definite winner from my own commenters. (Not as great a prize as the bookshelf, but still good.)

Tamara said...

awesome. love the post.


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