Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby News!

(That title will get your attention.)

For those of you scoring at home, on the edge of your seats, just wondering if I will have the baby dream again (see blog post--Tuesday, April 21) I do have news to report. About one week later the baby dream re-occurred. I thought that once I discovered the interpretation there would be no need for it to come back, but it did. AH, but with a twist. And it is the twist that gives me hope (if I can even give credence at all to my dreams--who knows? Though, I guess, Stephenie Meyer gives us all reason to do so. She dreamt her way to a big bank account).

In this most recent baby dream the baby is not starved and neglected. Whew! What a relief! It's only issue is that it has not been named. So in the dream, there's a baby girl and my husband and I realize we have not named her. What were we thinking? The baby needs a name. We discuss it and I say I don't want anything traditional and we eventually decide on the name Brinley.

So is my subconscious now acknowledging an increased focus on my writing goals? Not sure, but do you like the name spelled Brinley or Brinlee? What middle name goes well with that?


Anonymous said...

Is that Brinly after the actor Wilford? I'm sure your husband will go for that one.

Krista Darrach said...

Interesting dream....
I like Brinlee.
I love names that end in "y" or have the "e" sound. My novel was flooded with them - I had to change a few it was getting ridiculous. (I have a Brindy in my book)
Middle names...hmmm.
I would think a one sylable name would work well. Ann, Joy, (I like family names as middle names)
Good luck!

Tina Scott, author, artist said...

You're so funny! If I started having baby dreams--they'd be nightmares! I like Brinley. I like names that I can figure out how to spell without having to ask. Did I tell you the story about the woman on our block (when we lived in Mesa) who discovered she was expecting after her "baby" left for his mission???

Valerie Ipson said...

Krista, I love Joy, thank you.

Brinlee Joy or Brinley Joy? I think I like the double e, so both names don't end in y--that's going to have to be a character in a novel someday!

Anonymous said...

Brinlee Joy actually does sound like the name of a character. Cool idea. I love the baby dreams.

Anonymous said...

Also you should consider adding a copyright to your blog since you are so writerly now! Really though protect your great ideas!

Marilyn said...

Maybe subconciously you just want another baby! Although it does make a good character name. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Actually Jessica's current first girl name is Brinley Kate......I actually like Brynnlee--just because I like Brynn as a nickname, but it is a lot of letters.


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