Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LDS Storymakers Conference

Here's just a sampling of the crazy, fun kind of people I hung out with last weekend at the LDS Storymakers conference in Provo, UT. I hope you recognize some of them because they are all published authors and most are in the LDS Fiction market--and believe me, some are like rock stars to Mormon folk. If you want me to name drop, I will...

James Dashner
J. Scott Savage
Josi Kilpack
Rachel Ann Nunes
Tristi Pinkston
H.B. (Heather) Moore
Julie Wright
BJ Rowley
Annette Lyon
Jaime Theler

There were others, too, that weren't in the video, that I got to rub shoulders with: Matthew Buckley, Julie Bellon, Janette Rallison, Marsha Ward, Liz Adair... The conference was an overload of awesome information and RAH RAH RAH encouragment. I will blog about it soon...

Note that I figured out how to insert links so that you can click on a name and magically there you are at their website or blog! One small computer-technology step conquered...


Christine Thackeray said...

First time to visit but LOVE your blog! Conference was so fun. I'm just struggling with facing real life again. You should see my laundry room.

Marsha Ward said...

LOL! I've just today had time to face the laundry myself. Good post, Valerie.


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