Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WIP: My Purple Heart

This is it, kids.

This is the subject of my current Work In Progress, fondly referred to as my WIP.

It reminds me a little of 'Rest in Peace' with a speech impediment: 'West in Peace, you siwwy wabbit'. But no, this book is not dying a death...it's actually being taken off life support and taking breaths again on its own. 

Because I'm working on stuff like plot structure and character motive and death stakes. Yes, my sweet, little, flawed character, Pearl, just might have to face some *death stakes. 

That's what can happen when you find a 
Purple Heart and decide you need to 
return it to its owner.

That is all.

*don't be scared, it might not be physical death at all, it very possibly 
will be only psychological--you know, as in metaphorical 

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