Saturday, December 19, 2015

12 Days Giveaway!!!

Day 6
Today's book giveaway...

To Honor and Cherish

Western Vows, Book 1
By Kari Trumbo

Genre: Historical Christian Romance

Meg never complained when her father stipulated in his will that she must marry and have a male heir to own his ranch. That is, until she lost her husband to a spring storm. Now everything that looked secure in her life is as destroyed as the buildings around her.
If the loss of her spouse wasn’t hard enough, she now has to take on the ranch and the new foreman, Jax. He likes to argue with her even more than he likes his job. Meg wants to trust him, but Jax is running from something. He has secrets that could put Meg and the ranch in grave danger.
Can Jax conquer his past and teach Meg what love is really like? Can Meg trust that he wants her for more than just the land?

Ultimately, this story is about listening to God’s will over what others say is right or wrong. God’s will does not change, nor does his love for us. His timing may not fit with our own, but it’s always right

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Anna del C. Dye said...

It sounds like a inspiring book, Kari. :)


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