Friday, October 1, 2010

Are you doing what I'm doing?

So I had brain surgery today, well, okay, it was on my head and it was minor.

So minor I could even drive myself home afterward.

So minor that the doctor had me sit in a normal doctor room chair for the procedure and not on the examination table. (That's a bit demeaning, isn't it, to the purpose of my being there?)

So minor the nurse stuck one of those small circle bandaids on it when it was done.

What? No "Go home and take it easy?"

No resting on the couch with propped up pillows and clear liquids?

No "Can you bring me some ice water and jello, please?" offered up in a pathetic voice?

He said I can wash my hair and, get this, I can swim.

Again. What? I am not submersing my cut-open-head in water, chlorinated or otherwise. I very specifically washed and straightened my hair this morning so that I could go a few days without shampooing.

Sheesh. Surgery these days.

Sorry, but I'm still going to take advantage. I've got a frozen lasagna going in the oven for dinner and at exactly 3 PM, I'm going on the couch with the ice water and propped up pillows. Oprah's interviewing author JK Rowling and I'm not going to miss it.

Yes, I overcame the whole must-watch-Oprah thing a while back when I determined that if I was going to finish a novel I had to give some things up, but I make an exception for authors and especially this one. How 'bout you? Even if a scalpel wasn't taken to your scalp today, I'm sure you can think of a good excuse for plopping yourself in front of the television for an hour. Call it research.


AZSMITHS said...

I didn't have brain surgery but for some reason it was 3 pm and I felt tired. I just wanted to sit on the couch and watch a little TV (which I never do). Lo and behold, Oprah was on with JK Rowling. Very Fun!

lettucehead said...

I'll have to youtube that episode. Hope you had a relaxing time :)

Susan G. Haws said...

Hope you are ok. If you are milk it for all you can.
I missed it. I hope the interview is on the internet.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

That's interesting.At least it wasn't anything serious!

Misha said...

I get hundreds of excuses to plop down in front of the tv. My main one remains the fact that I get too exhausted to do anything thinking related...

kbrebes said...

Thinking of you. Hoping your surgery was successful and that you really are OKAY!

Oh! I tried out the index card method! It's fun! Thanks for sharing, Valerie!

Anonymous said...

You're just plain hilarious. I laugh so hard everytime I read a new post on your blog. And everytime I end up reading the whole blog again and just laugh more not realizing Ive read it before many times. Thanks for blogging mother dear!

TKAstle said...

That interview was definitely worth watching.

Regarding your surgery all I can say is that you got short changed. I hope you at least got your bowl of jello.

Tina Scott, the writing artist said...

Brain surgery with only a tiny round bandaid to show for it? What a rip off!

Rachelle said...

Oh! I forgot that she was interviewing her--I hope it's still on my DVR cuz I never get around to watching TV, but for this I must make an exception.

Valerie Ipson said...

Me, after viewing the show: Definitely watch it. I loved every bit of it. Now I want to go write in Scotland.

Tamara said...

okay, how did I miss this post and miss your brain surgery? I hope the bandaid dind't hurt too much when you pulled it off!!! I'll have to find that episode online.


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